Common Causes of Low Back Injuries

Low Back Injuries - Fort Wayne Although a chiropractor can provide effective treatment for a range of medical conditions, back and neck injuries are among the most common reasons for a trip to a chiropractor serving Fort Wayne . If you’ve sustained a back injury, there’s no need to suffer from the pain and other symptoms. A chiropractor can determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and provide an effective treatment plan for long-term relief.

Auto Accidents
The forceful impact of a car wreck leads many people to seek chiropractic care for low back pain. A car collision can cause nearly any time of injury, ranging from muscle strains to compression fractures. Even a low-speed accident can inflict serious damage on the body; while cars are specially designed to weather collisions, the human body is far more fragile. An auto accident can cause a bulging disc, for example. The intervertebral discs, located between the vertebrae, serve as cushions for the spine. When the material on the inside of the disc bulges outward, it can be quite painful, particularly if the material compresses a nerve.

Falls are another possible cause of low back injuries . Much like auto accidents, a fall can inflict trauma on the supporting structures of the spine, such as the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, or on the spine itself. This is particularly true of falls from heights. For example, if you fall off a ladder, you may suffer severe soft tissue injuries, nerve root irritation, or even vertebrae fractures.

Wear and Tear Damage
Not all low back injuries are the result of a sudden, traumatic event. Often, chiropractic care is required for individuals who have accumulated wear and tear damage. This is particularly true for older adults. The intervertebral discs owe their cushioning ability to their water content. As you grow older, the discs naturally begin to lose some of this water content, which makes them brittle and less flexible. This condition is known as degenerative disc disease and it can make you much more susceptible to suffering a bulging disc.

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