• Dealing with Pregnancy Headaches

    pregnant, stress, headache If you have been dealing with severe headaches during your pregnancy, it may be time to seek headache and migraine treatment from a chiropractor near Fort Wayne. In many cases, recurring headaches happen as a result of poor posture, which is especially common for people who have largely sedentary lifestyles. A chiropractor can help you work through these posture issues in order to relieve your headache and neck pain. Chiropractic care can also be invaluable for treating other pregnancy issues. In cases of breech baby, for example, the Webster technique is commonly used to balance the pelvis in order to give the baby room to become properly aligned.

    Recurring pregnancy headaches may also be the result of failing to stay properly hydrated. Chiropractors always advise their pregnant patients to drink plenty of water throughout their pregnancy. If you have any questions about proper self-care during your pregnancy, contact a health professional right away.

  • Should You Consider Spinal Decompression Therapy?

    spinal decompression therapy, spine pain, fort wayne chiro Spinal decompression therapy is often recommended by chiropractors for men and women suffering from spine pain near Fort Wayne. Spinal decompression therapy is generally suggested by a chiropractor for patients who suffer from chronic upper back pain or lower back pain.

    Spinal decompression therapy is the ideal back pain treatment for people who have been told they are candidates for spinal surgery but prefer non-invasive options. Spinal decompression therapy can also provide pain relief from chronic neck pain, bulging or herniated disks, and sciatica. It works by gently stretching the spine to change its force and position. By taking pressure off the spinal disks, this therapy also takes pressure off nerves and other structures in the back. An experienced chiropractor can explain more about how this technique promotes the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids to provide back pain relief.

  • Exploring Common Lower Back Injuries

    back injury, fort wayne chiro, lower back injury If left untreated, lower back injuries can lead to a lifetime of lower back pain and back spasms in Fort Wayne. While lower back pain is common, the symptoms and severity of pain differs greatly, so it is important to see a chiropractor for a personalized prognosis. A simple lower back muscle strain may lead to an emergency room visit, while a degenerating disc or slip disc can sometimes result in only intermittent discomfort. Continue reading to find out more about lower back injuries.

    Slipped Disc

    A slipped disc, or herniated disc, refers to a condition whereby portions of an abnormal, injured, or degenerating disk have protruded against adjacent nerve tissues. The spinal disks are shock-absorbing pads in the spine. When these disks move, split, or rupture, nearby tissue fails. The leaking substance puts pressure on the spinal cord or nerve, causing lower back pain, upper back pain, and feelings of numbness or weakness.

    Nerve Damage

    One of the most common sources of lower back pain is nerve damage to the sciatic nerve. Also known as sciatica pain, symptoms generally involve low back pain that travels down these central nerves to the buttock, leg, and foot. Pain is typically persistent and ongoing. This kind of lower back pain also tends to manifest as a severe burning or tingling as opposed to a dull, aching pain.

    Sports Injury

    Back and neck injuries are common in many sports, including bicycling, weight lifting, running, skiing, swimming, and tennis. Up to 20% of all injuries that occur in sports involve an injury to the lower back. Whenever an athlete plays a sport, he or she is at risk for suffering an injury that leads to spine pain. Injuries can result from overexertion or strain. Sports that use repetitive impact (running), a twisting motion (golf), or weight loading at the end of a motion (weightlifting) commonly result in lower back injury.