Taking a Look at Common Migraine Triggers

chiropractic, migraine chiropractic, fort wayne migraine Every day, chiropractors serving the Fort Wayne area work with patients who suffer from chronic, debilitating conditions. Chiropractic patients are frequently those with lower back pain or arthritis, but individuals with chronic headaches or migraines can also benefit from chiropractic care. In addition to providing migraine treatment for acute relief, a chiropractor may help you consider the possible triggers of your migraines.

Foods and Beverages

Migraine triggers are different for everyone. It can be helpful to keep a food journal to determine whether foods or beverages may trigger your symptoms. Some people develop migraines after consuming highly processed foods, such as prepackaged snacks or prepared frozen meals. Aged salami, other aged foods, and high-sodium foods may also trigger a migraine. Other possible culprits include preservatives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Women in particular may suffer from migraine symptoms triggered by fluctuations in hormone levels. Some women develop migraines because of pregnancy or menopause, while others may experience migraines before or during menstruation. For many patients, hormone-based medications like birth control pills can worsen migraine symptoms. Occasionally, these medications may actually help manage migraine frequency.

Environmental Factors

Some individuals develop migraine symptoms in response to changes in the environment. It’s not unusual to experience a migraine after inhaling perfume, cigarette smoke, paint, or other strong odors. Excessive noise and bright or flashing lights can also trigger an episode.

Barometric Pressure

You may have heard of someone being able to sense an impending storm thanks to a bad knee or other joint. For some migraine sufferers, a sudden drop in barometric pressure can bring about migraine symptoms. Barometric pressure is the pressure against the Earth’s atmosphere-and against your own body. A sudden drop in barometric pressure can trigger pain in the joints and migraine symptoms in certain individuals.


Both mental and physical stress may trigger migraine episodes. Sources of physical stress include extreme exercise and sexual activity. Mental stress is frequently caused by problems at work, problems with relationships, and problems with personal finances. If stress may be a migraine trigger for you, look for ways to reduce your stressors and manage the ones you cannot change.

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