The Effects of TMJ

TMJ fort wayne, nerve pain for wayne The temporomandibular joint—or TMJ—is located near the front of your ears. This joint attaches your jaw to your skull and is frequently the source of chronic pain. Teeth grinding, stress, and joint damage caused by arthritis can all cause this kind of pain, which can be persistent and set off a range of negative symtoms throughout your body. Fortunately, a chiropractor near Fort Wayne can help alleviate TMJ pain and its consequences. Here are some of the ways TMJ pain can affect your overall wellbeing.

Nerve Pain

The nerves in your face and the upper part of your body are closely connected. When a TMJ problem causes your bite to become misaligned, increased pressure on your nerves can cause pain throughout the body. Neck pain, migraines, arm pain, and shoulder pain are all common. You may also experience tingling and numbness in your fingers and hands. Muscle spasms in the shoulders can occur, which further compresses the nerves. A chiropractor can help to restore alignment to stop the pressure on your nerves that is causing pain.


When you have TMJ pain, you’re likely to hold your head in an unhealthy position in an attempt to ease the pain. This leads to improper posture, particularly in your cervical spine, than can translate into pain up and down your back. The longer you maintain this poor posture, then more persistent the pain and associated misalignment complications are likely to be. A chiropractic alignment and posture correction by your chiropractor can ease pain caused by poor posture.

Digestive Problems

TMJ pain often interferes with the way you chew. As a result, you may swallow food without chewing it properly, which interferes with digestion. Although most people do not think of a chiropractor as being the right provider to address digestive issues, many people experience a dramatic improvement in GI problems with chiropractic care. Addressing the underlying cause of TMJ pain through chiropractic care to restore your ability to chew will also support healthier digestion.

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