• Relieving Sciatic Nerve Pain

    Sciatic nerve pain occurs when one of the discs in your spine puts pressure on the nerve, causing sharp pain, tingling sensations, and aching pain that goes through the lower back and buttocks and down the leg. In most cases, sciatic nerve pain affects only one side of a person’s body. If your symptoms refuse to go away, a professional chiropractor in Fort Wayne can use a number of techniques to relieve this common type of lower back pain.

    A chiropractic adjustment can ease pressure on the sciatic nerve to resolve this kind of low back pain. Your chiropractor may also use ultrasound to relieve your sciatic nerve pain. Talk to your chiropractor about home remedies for sciatica between appointments. Stretching, rest, and ice applications may help to ease your sciatica symptoms between visits to your chiropractor. You can also try to avoid or minimize activities that seem to exacerbate your pain.

  • Testing the Sciatic Nerve

    If you are experiencing chronic pain, persistent numbness, or a tingling sensation in your lower back, buttocks, or legs, you may have sciatica. Before you can find relief for your symptoms, however, you will need to have your sciatica diagnosed by a professional. If your chiropractor in Fort Wayne suspects that you have sciatica, he or she will test your sciatic nerve to make a diagnosis. In order to test for sciatica, your chiropractor will raise your leg to attempt to cause your symptoms to occur. If you have a pinched sciatic nerve, the pain will radiate down your leg and into your foot when your leg is raised by about 40 degrees. A second test to definitively diagnose sciatica is to lower the leg slightly below the pain point found in the leg raise test and quickly flex the toes in reverse. If pain also occurs with that motion, your chiropractor may recommend sciatica treatment. Sciatica

  • What Causes Migraines?

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    Most people experience an occasional headache, but migraines are something completely different. These intensely painful headaches can interfere with your daily life and are extremely disruptive. To ease migraine pain, many people rely on medications for treatment, which can cause unpleasant side effects and rebound pain. Fortunately, your chiropractor can offer drug-free migraine treatment in Fort Wayne to reduce your number of headaches and relieve the side effects caused by pain medications. Identifying the cause of your migraines is one of the first steps in treatment. Here are some common migraine triggers that your chiropractor may review with you.

    Hormonal Changes

    Women are more likely than men to experience migraines, and these hormonal changes may be part of the reason. Women whose migraines are linked to their hormones typically experience an increase in headaches before and during menstruation, when estrogen levels drop. For other women, migraines begin during pregnancy or menopause. Your chiropractor can help you identify these patterns in your migraines so you can plan accordingly, including making appointments for preventative chiropractic care when you know your migraine risk is high.


    Foods, and in some cases, the additives in foods, can cause migraines to occur. Aged cheeses, processed foods, and foods that contain aspartame or monosodium glutamate (MSG) are common culprits, but many other foods can also be linked to migraines. Drinks can also play a role, including wine and highly caffeinated drinks. If you experience frequent migraines, keeping a food diary can help you recognize links in your eating habits and your headaches. Your chiropractor may also recommend some dietary changes to reduce your migraine risk.


    Stress is very closely linked with migraines, both on its own and as a contributor to other migraine triggers, such as lack of sleep and poor eating habits. If you suffer from migraines, learning to control your stress could be an important part of your treatment plan. Regular chiropractic treatment helps many people reduce stress and improve their sleeping habits, which could reduce the frequency of migraines.

  • Understanding Back Spasms

    back spasm fort wayne, chiro fort wayne Back spasms can be extremely painful and may cause debilitating symptoms that disrupt your everyday activities. They are not a disorder themselves but rather are symptoms of another, underlying back condition. See your chiropractor in Fort Wayne as soon as possible when you experience back spams to not only get relief for your symptoms but also to diagnose and treat the underlying cause.

    Back spams occur when the muscles in the back clench and release in response to an injury or anatomical problem. A sprain or soft tissue injury to the back can lead to spasms, as can osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, or spinal stenosis. The first step your chiropractor will take is to determine the cause of your back spasms so that he or she can make an appropriate chiropractic care plan. Cold therapy, heating pads, and spinal adjustments may all help. Although you may be tempted to rest your back, it is usually important to get as much movement as you can tolerate, as long periods of inactivity will cause muscle stiffness that can exacerbate your back pain.