Chiropractors Can Treat More Than Back Pain

Your chiropractor can provide effective treatment for lower back pain, spinal stenosis, and more without the need for pain medications, but back pain isn’t the only condition he or she is able to address. Many people are surprised to learn just how many different conditions their chiropractors are able to help them with. At your next appointment with your chiropractor in Fort Wayne , talk to him or her if you are experiencing any of these symptoms to find out if he or she can provide care. chiropractic - care

Chronic Pain

Even if your pain does not affect your back at all, your chiropractor still may be able to provide treatments that work. Many cases of chronic pain can be tied to the spine and nerves that are being compressed by a misalignment of the vertebrae. Chiropractors believe that certain areas of the spine correspond to other parts of the body. By understanding where your chronic pain is occurring, your chiropractor can focus on treating that part of the spine in hopes of alleviating your symptoms. Many people incorporate chiropractic care into their treatment plans for fibromyalgia and other conditions that cause chronic pain.


Many people with insomnia also suffer from chronic pain that helps to keep them awake. A chiropractor can alleviate that pain and put sleep within reach. Even if pain is not the source of the insomnia, many people who struggle to sleep finally get relief with chiropractic care. Achieving proper alignment of the spine boosts relaxation and makes it easier to sleep.

Bowel Problems

If you suffer from bowel problems and have made all of the dietary adjustments your doctor has suggested without luck, a chiropractor could have the answer. Spinal misalignments that affect the nerves that feed into your digestive system can cause symptoms of bowel issues. By restoring normal nerve function with spinal adjustments, your chiropractor may be able to put an end to your bowel issues.

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