Common Car Accident Injuries

Are you looking for lower back pain or neck pain relief following a car accident ? When you’re in a collision, your body can sustain damage in a variety of ways, but certain injuries are more common than others. Chiropractors near Fort Wayne frequently treat patients suffering from back, neck, and head injuries following an auto accident. neck - injury

Back Injuries

The impact that occurs in a car accident can put a significant amount of strain on your spine. One common back injury is a herniated disc. Spinal discs sit between the bones of the spine and function as cushioning structures. The force of a car accident can cause one or more of these discs to rupture. When this occurs, the inner part of the disc protrudes outward and can press on and irritate nearby nerves. Another common back injury caused by auto accidents is back strain. These occur when the muscles or ligaments of the back are stretched or torn.

Neck Injuries

Frequently occurring in rear-end accidents, neck injuries in the form of whiplash are a common injury treated by chiropractors. These injuries are caused by the sudden change of speed that occurs in these accidents, suddenly forcing the head in one direction, and then whipping it back the opposite way. This can strain or sprain the muscles, tendons, or ligaments of the neck and result in severe pain. Other types of common injuries to the neck caused by car accidents include pinched nerves and herniated discs.

Head Injuries

The forces that cause a patient to suffer whiplash during an auto collision can also result in damage to the head. As your head and neck are suddenly sent in one direction, your head can strike the steering wheel, dashboard, window, or head rest. Besides the muscle, tendon, and ligament damage that this movement can cause, you might also suffer serious lacerations, scrapes, or bruises. The less severe cases of these injuries often cause concussions, while more serious ones can result in brain damage.

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