How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

Being in chronic pain can affect your mood, motivation, and even your health, so seeking treatment is important. If you’re experiencing low back pain near Fort Wayne , then there are several ways in which your chiropractor may be able to help reduce your symptoms. lower - back - pain


Also referred to as spinal manipulations, chiropractic adjustments can help you experience low back pain relief. Your chiropractor will apply directed pressure to specific areas of your spine to help improve the alignment of your vertebrae, a process which can reduce your discomfort. If your lower back pain is the result of an injury, then a chiropractic adjustment can help speed your healing by increasing the amount of blood flow and nutrients that can reach the area.


Nonsurgical decompression therapy is used to relieve pressure on the spine and can help reduce a patient’s pain symptoms. This treatment is often recommended to individuals who experience lasting back pain, and it is often turned to as an alternative to surgery. Using technology that gently stretches the spine, your chiropractor can relieve some of the pressure on the vertebrae, which may reduce your pain.


When you visit a chiropractor for lower back pain relief, she may include nutritional counseling as part of your treatment plan. What you eat can have a significant impact on your overall health and your body’s ability to heal itself, so improving your diet can be an essential part of reducing your pain symptoms. In many cases, low back pain is the result of inflammation in the body, so eating more foods that can have an anti-inflammatory effect, such as sweet potatoes, berries, kale, and ginger, may help you find relief.


While it often comes as a surprise to patients, exercise can be a critical element in relieving low back pain. Often, back pain is the result of weak muscles in the torso because, without enough support, the spine can be put under undue pressure. For this reason, your chiropractor may recommend strengthening exercises to help treat your pain.

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