• Using a Denneroll to Address Cervical Lordotic Curvature

    Cervical lordotic curvature occurs when the cervical or lumbar spine loses its lordotic shape and curves forward to create a hunchback appearance. This curvature can lead to an abnormal appearance as well as problems with the spine. If you suffer from spine pain in Fort Wayne and your chiropractor has diagnosed you with cervical lordotic curvature, then watch this video to learn about addressing this condition with a Denneroll device.

  • Preparing to Discuss Your Chronic Headaches with Your Chiropractor

    Chronic headaches are a common problem treated in chiropractic care, but their causes and types can vary from one person to another. If you are scheduled to visit a chiropractor serving Fort Wayne for your chronic headaches and to learn about migraine treatment, then perform the following steps to prepare for your appointment. chronic - headaches

    Identify Your Symptoms

    Headaches come in many varieties, and 3 of the most common types include tension, cluster, and migraine.

    • Tension headaches are most common and they develop with muscle tension or when changes in brain chemicals occur. Often, these headaches are a result of stress and the related muscle contractions in the neck and scalp.
    • Cluster headaches are characterized by sudden and severe pain that is isolated to one side of the head. This type of headache is more common in men, occurs in cycles, and can be accompanied by a runny nose and watery eyes.
    • Migraine headaches can vary greatly between individuals, but they often share characteristics that include throbbing pain which ranges from moderate to severe. This pain normally occurs on one side of the head and is worsened by activity.

    Determining which category your headache falls into will make is easier for you to discuss your symptoms with your chiropractor.

    Start a Headache Journal

    If you’re like many people, then you don’t want to spend time thinking about your headaches. However, paying attention to certain factors can make diagnosis and treatment more simple. To prepare for your chiropractor appointment, start making a headache journal. This log should contain an account the date of each headache, what time it began, and how long it lasted. Also, you can benefit from writing down a list of the foods that you consumed and the activities that you performed on each of these days. This process can provide you and your doctor with better insight into what type of headaches you suffer from, how long they last, and their potential triggers. Make your headache journal as detailed as possible and remember to bring it with you to your appointment.

  • How to Prevent Herniated Discs

    Herniated discs are a common problem treated by chiropractors in Fort Wayne, and they often lead to lower back pain or sciatica symptoms. If you’ve required chiropractic care for a herniated disc in the past and want to prevent another occurrence, then consider using the following physical therapy tips: herniated - disc

    Practice Proper Lifting

    Using poor lifting techniques is a frequent cause of herniated discs. To lift an object the right way, start by placing your feet shoulder-width apart, with one slightly forward. Next, squat down by bending at the knees. Throughout the lifting process, you should look straight ahead, your back should remain straight, and your shoulders should stay back. Slowly lift the object, keeping it as close to your body as possible.

    Prioritize Your Health

    Your overall health can have a significant impact on your risk of suffering a herniated disc. For example, maintaining a healthy weight may reduce the amount of strain placed on your back and can make disc herniation less likely. Also, getting regular exercise can strengthen the muscles of your torso, back, and hips, which provide support for the spine. By keeping these important muscle groups strong and flexible, you can provide your back with better support and reduce your chances of herniating a disc. Finally, quitting smoking is a smart way to improve your overall health and reduce your herniated disc risk. Nicotine can have a negative effect on your spinal discs by preventing them from getting the nutrients that they need. This process can cause the discs to become brittle and more likely to herniate.

    Use Good Posture

    Regularly maintaining good posture can do more than improve your appearance. Letting your shoulders slouch or slumping while you sit can put strain on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments and lead to injury over time. Damage to these tissues may increase your likelihood of suffering from back pain and herniated discs. Furthermore, not using the muscles needed for practicing good posture can allow them to weaken, leaving them less able to support your spine.

  • Answering Common Questions About Cluster Headaches

    Many people find relief from their neck problems and chronic back pain through chiropractic in Fort Wayne, but do not realize that chiropractors treat headaches, as well. One type of headache that can be addressed by these medical professionals is called a cluster headache. If you suffer from this problem, then read on to learn the answers to common questions about cluster headaches . cluster - headaches

    What is a cluster headache?

    A common misconception that people have about cluster headaches is that they are several headaches bunched together. This type of headache is similar to a migraine but short-lived, typically lasting no more than 2 hours. Cluster headaches usually occur on 1 side of the head and have symptoms that can include severe pain, sweating, sensitivity to light, swelling around one eye, a stuffy nose, an enlarged pupil, tearing, and a droopy lid.

    How long do cluster headaches last?

    Unlike migraines, which can go on for days, cluster headaches tend to be brief but can occur as many as 8 times per day, a fact which gave them their name. On average, these headaches last 30 to 60 minutes, come on quickly, and often develop at the same time each day. Someone might suffer from regular cluster headaches for days, weeks, or months and then have none for years.

    What causes a cluster headache?

    While the causes of cluster headaches are not identified, researchers believe that there can be a genetic component involved. Also, it is known that these headaches begin with the activation of the nerve that provides feeling for the face. Unlike migraines, cluster headaches do not have an extensive list of possible triggers. Some individuals believe that smoking or drinking alcohol can initiate a cluster headache cycle and others notice problems during the changing of the seasons.

    How do chiropractors treat cluster headaches?

    While doctors typically prescribe medications to offer people relief from these headaches, chiropractors use non-invasive methods such as massage and spinal adjustments. In this way, chiropractic focuses on improving body alignment and function to help prevent and treat cluster headaches.

  • Understanding the Basics of Chiropractic Biophysics

    Chiropractic biophysics is focused on correcting the core problem that is causing the pain that leads patients to initially make an appointment with a chiropractor. After a spinal adjustment, your chiropractor in Fort Wayne may recommend biophysics treatments to prevent the symptoms from recurring.

    Watch this video to find out more about chiropractic biophysics. Unlike spinal adjustments, which ease symptoms like neck pain, lower back pain, or hip pain, chiropractic biophysics is designed to solve the underlying issue that makes the pain happen, like chronically poor posture. It uses traction to move your body in the opposition position that you hold it in normally in an effort to coax your posture back into a healthy position. For instance, if your neck slumps forward, during a chiropractic biophysics treatment, your neck would be pulled backward using traction for several minutes in hopes of eventually making it settle in a straighter position.

  • The Phases of Spinal Degeneration

    Many people live with chronic back pain that interferes with their daily lives. If you have been struggling with near-constant pain, it could be a result of spinal degeneration. A normal spine is properly aligned with equal space between all of the discs. As degeneration progresses, spinal alignment starts to shift and the discs may narrow. By the third and final stage of spinal degeneration, bone spurs start to fuse with joints, resulting in more pain and mobility issues. Instead of letting your back pain get worse, find a chiropractor near Fort Wayne who can help you. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about chronic back pain and the phases of spinal degeneration. Please share with your friends and family.

    spinal - degeneration

  • Tips for Preventing Tension Headaches

    Chiropractors near Fort Wayne can treat a wide range of conditions, including tension headaches. These headaches are the most common type and are frequently the result of muscle tension in the scalp and neck . Tension headaches typically cause an individual to experience pressure or an aching sensation in the neck, back of the head, and temples. In addition to seeing a chiropractor for headache treatment and neck pain relief, there are several steps that you can take to help prevent tension headaches.

    Because muscle tension is frequently caused by stress, managing your stress levels is essential for reducing your risk for tension headaches. Improving your posture can also be extremely helpful, a measure which can relieve extra tension in your neck and shoulders. Finally, when your neck feels tight, try applying either heat or ice to the area to help sooth your sore muscles. Taking these measures and visiting a chiropractor can help reduce the number of tension headaches that you experience.

    chronic - headache

  • Chiropractic Tips for Arthritis Lumbar Pain

    The lumbar spine is the lower part of your back and a location where arthritis frequently develops. If you’re looking for ways to find lower back pain relief in Fort Wayne, then watch this video to learn about treatments for lumbar arthritis pain.

    Arthritis develops when a bone is stressed and forced to remodel so it can protect the body’s joints. This process can lead to chronic back pain, muscle spasms, and swelling. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then consider seeing a chiropractor, who will be able to assess your condition and recommend treatments for the pain.

    Chiropractic adjustments, for example, can correct the position of the spine’s joints to help reduce your spine pain symptoms. Also, electrical stimulation, stretching, and strengthening exercises can be used to help treat muscle spasms and reduce your discomfort.

  • Exploring the Common Causes of Headaches

    If you are plagued by chronic headaches, then you know how important it can be to determine the cause and get relief. Although there are many different kinds of headaches, there are a few common causes that are responsible for a majority of the flare-ups. If you suffer from chronic headaches but want an alternative to pain medications, consider making an appointment with a chiropractor in Fort Wayne . Through spinal alignments, chiropractors can often provide migraine treatment as well as the solution to many other kinds of headaches. Here is a look at some of the common triggers for headaches. headache - pain


    Often, certain foods and drinks are responsible for causing headaches. Although not every food affects every headache sufferer the same way, processed meats, aged cheeses, and alcohol have all been linked to headaches. Caffeine can also play a role. Some people get headaches when they drink caffeine, while others get them when they don’t have enough of it. Skipping meals may also lead to a headache. If you suffer from chronic headaches, your chiropractor may suggest that you keep a food journal to try to notice any patterns between your diet and your headaches.


    For women in particular, hormonal fluctuations can trigger headaches. Many women experience headaches right before or during menstruation, and pregnancy can also lead to an increase in headaches. Some women experience chronic headaches when they are taking hormonal birth control, including birth control pills, patches, and hormonal IUDs. Discontinuing the birth control may provide headache relief.

    Spinal Misalignment

    Although you may not associate spinal problems with headaches, the two can actually be closely linked. Misalignments in your spine can put pressure on nerves that cause headaches. Your chiropractor can provide treatment for these kinds of headaches through spinal adjustments that remove the pressure from the nerves that are to blame for you head pain. Chiropractic care is typically effective at treating migraines, cluster headaches, and tension headaches.

  • Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc

    herniated disc fort wayne, chiropractor fort wayne If you’re suffering from chronic back pain in Fort Wayne , then a herniated disc may be to blame. Herniated discs occur when a disc that separates the vertebrae in your spine moves out of position or ruptures and leaks, causing pressure on spinal nerves. This pressure causes pain in the neck, upper back, or lower back, depending on the location of the herniation. Herniated discs can also cause sciatic nerve pain that radiates down the leg. Both chiropractic care and physical therapy can help to ease herniated disc pain. Here is a closer look at some of the treatment options.

    Chiropractic Adjustment

    During an adjustment, your chiropractor evaluates your spine for areas of misalignment and then performs a series of short, targeted motions to shift your spine into a healthier position. If you have a herniated disc, an adjustment could help to coax the disc back into position to relieve the pressure on the nerves. Although chiropractors evaluate and treat the entire spine, adjustments are performed to target problem areas, such as those causing neck pain or lower back pain.

    Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy

    Decompression therapy works by gently stretching and relaxing the spine to allow herniated discs to slip back into place. Decompression also alleviates pressure to let healing nutrients flow into the area of disc injuries. Decompression therapy can be combined with other chiropractic treatment or performed as a standalone therapy. You may require multiple treatments to get the best results.

    Physical Therapy

    Decompression therapy can also be combined with physical therapy. During physical therapy treatment, you will perform exercises that stretch your spine and build up muscles in your back to provide better spinal support. Stretching the muscles in your spine can help to encourage oxygen and nutrients to flow to the affected region and promote healing. Increasing muscle strength will help to take pressure off your nerves and reduce the likelihood of future instances of back pain.