Physical Therapy in Fort Wayne

Helping You to Recover

If you have been in an accident or undergone surgery or treatment, you will be faced with a period of recovery. Here at True Wellness Chiropractic, we offer physical therapy to help rehabilitate you to your previous condition. We know that each person is different so a Fort Wayne chiropractor from our practice will build a program that fits your unique needs.

The possible benefits of physical therapy may include:

  • Improving your physical motion and mobility
  • Avoiding the need for drugs and surgery
  • Speeding up your overall recovery process

Our chiropractor may suggest using a variety of exercises to help you regain your posture, balance, and strengthen your muscles. If you were previously physically active, we will work to help get you back on track.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (260) 444-2080 to make an appointment or to request more information!

Value Statements

  • State of the Art Treatment Center
  • Most Advanced Treatment Protocols Offered
  • Convenient Location/Hours
  • Advanced X-Ray Techniques
  • Accepts Most Insurances